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About Qatar

Qatar is an Arab emirate situated on a peninsula on the southern coast of the Gulf, with a population of approximately two million persons. Its capital, Doha, is located on the country’s eastern coast.

Qatar shares its borders with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. It is known with its diversity. People from different nationalities and races from Arab and Western origins are living together. They are massively located in Doha.

Arabic language is considered the official language and Islam is the country’s religion.
Qatar is considered as one of the well-paid countries as it has the third largest oil and gas reserves globally.

Qatar is classified by the United Nations as the greatest country in human development index and considered as the best Arab country in human development. Qatar has the highest capital income. It is also considered a great player in the middle east region.
Qatar is the first Arab country that will host The World Cup 2022.

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