Legal expertise and areas of specialization

The services provided by our office that (Thani al-Thani Law Firm) are many and varied in our business, including various legal services that may be needed, or looked for an individual, an institution or company or entity looking them through legal advice, the work of attorneys of all kinds, and arbitration, regionally or internationally, in any of the Arabic or English language.

Due to the importance of trade and economic work, our office to submit the required services needed by all companies, i.e., technical and legal consultations advice and sustainable care, to preserve our clients’ interests. Trust and confidence of our customers besides to their satisfaction are our goal through hard effort tenaciously, through which we measure our success by the day.

So strive to spare our clients pressure or anxiety, by addressing full-time and work to find appropriate solutions to their disputes, less expensive, in easier way to achieve their aims in line with their rights according to their legal status.

Also, we provide consultations and legal assistance to our clients over the phone, e-mail, fax, or other means of communication asked for by our ​​clients. We represent our clients in disputes raised upon the issues before the court, or arbitration rooms, and take necessary legal action, and legally defend their interests to maintain in various branches of law, such as:

  • Civil law
  • Commercial Law
  • Companies Act
  • Intellectual Property
  • Administrative Law
  • Human Resources Management Act
  • Labour Law
  • Family law and inheritance
  • Criminal law
  • Banking business, and debt collection services
  • Domestic and international arbitration.
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts in Arabic and English, in accordance with applicable local and international laws.

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